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Custom Feather Flags, Banners, TradeShow, Table Cover, Roll Up Banner, stickers
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designWe could create a design for you. Our flat rate is $30 per design. Here are our guidelines to serve you better:

1) After buy product by selecting “Need Design”, send us an email to  info@jumbofeatherflags.com with a copy of your receive of purchase, and your logo with any comment, rough idea of the design that you are expecting to get. As much detail and references you send to us better will be your design and most accurate it will be.

2) When send us your logo, try to provide the logo at the HIGHEST resolution you have. PDF, AI, EPS and SVG are excellent formats. If you logo was made up using photoshop or any program that works using “bitmap” verify the solution is minimum 150 dpi in actual size

3) If you don’t have the logo in high resolution we could trace it and make a high resolution version of it, but is good to you know might some details won’t be present on the logo as such: background filter, stroke thickness, etc.

4) We, based on your comments, we will create the design however if the design doesn’t meet with your expectations we  will send you a second version or corrected version of the design, after get your DETAIL INPUT VIA EMAIL from the first design sent.

5) The idea is have a steady business relationship, we are going do our best to surprise you in our first design, otherwise the adjustment are completely allowed in a second version.

6) We only give you up to second version of the design, this rule is very important for you keeping in mind. If the design doesn’t meet your expectation please try to provide as much detail in your feedback email to make the second version as you imagine.

7) Our professional staff of designers and art directors have over 20 years working on advertising, signs, and multimedia business, we can guarantee the quality of our job in a 100%.