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Custom Feather Flags, Banners, TradeShow, Table Cover, Roll Up Banner, stickers
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Artwork Specs

Artwork for Custom Feather Flags, Backdrops, Roll up banners or Table Cloths

If you want to make a Artwork for Custom Feather Flags, Backdrops, Roll up banners or Table Cloths, or any other type of custom item that involves graphics or logos, we will need art work. This art must be provided in high resolution CMYK in actual size in any of the following formats: .eps, .ai, .svg  .jpeg or .pdf. If you are interested in purchasing a custom flag but are worried that you might not have good enough art, or if you don’t have art at all, we can help you!, our design fee is pretty affordable: $30 flat rate, and you could add to your order during the purchasing process. Only if we have a good Artwork that covers all the quality specs mentioned above, we proceed with the production of your Custom Feather Flags, Backdrops, Roll up banners or Table Cloths.


Please email your artwork to info@jumbofeatherflags.com or call 240-380-5474 for further assistance.

All the files sent to production have to meet the following specs:
• Artworks must be provided in any of these standard formats: .eps, .ai, .svg, .jpeg or .pdf
• Digital raster images, like photos, must be a minimum of 150dpi (300dpi recommended) at actual size
• 1 inch overal bleed is required on all artworks
• PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL ARTWORK THAT IS MORE THAN 7MB IN FILE SIZE. It will not be accepted by our mail server. For larger files please contact us for info on how to upload your art to our FTP server.
• To make sending art easier you may also compress your artwork using any program that allow you create a Zip file.

Normally as soon as you finalize the transaction we will send you an email with your purchase receipt that have a link at the bottom that allow you upload you file to our system. If the process to upload the file doesn’t work for you, please send us your artwork to: info@jumbofeatherflags among your invoice receipt and your contact information and shipping address.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Can you re-create my artwork?
A:Yes, for an additional art charge we can re-create your artwork. However the art needs to be large and clear enough for us to see ALL the details in the image. If we can’t see all the details we will not know how the image should look in order to re-create it.

Q: What fonts can I use?
A: You can use any fonts just transform the text as outline or vector format.

Q: What color book do you use?
A: You can use any PANTONE SOLID COATED for digital printing, however at the moment to send us the artwork make sure the colors are transform to CMYK format.

Q: What version of Adobe Creative Suite are you running?
A: We are currently running Adobe Illustrator CS5.

Q: Do I need to pick my PMS colors?
A: Our recommendation is work with CMKY colors.

Q: I’m thinking hire your design service, how does it work?
A: After you pucharse your item with design fee included, we will send you a receipt of your transaction, please send us in a .zip file your logo bigger and in good resolution among word document explain how imagine your design or you could also attach any additional graphic example that shows what you are looking for to get. If you don’t know how save all the files in one .zip file, please send us an email to: info@jumbofeatherflags.com with the elements attached including your troughs or ideas written on the body of the email.

Q: How big can the design be on my flag?
A: With most of our products, the imprint / design area needs to have a certain amount of space from edges to allow for stitching and finishing. Below is a list of the maximum design sizes for some of our more popular products. PLEASE CHECK OUR SECTION OF TEMPLATES

Q: How long will my digital flag last ?
A: There is no one answer to this question. There are a lot of variables that will determine the life span of a flag. Some of the variables can be; where it is flown, in what weather conditions, and even how much direct sunlight the flag receives. All flags that are flown outdoors will eventually wear out, the sun will fade the colors, and the wind will eventually cause the fly end of the flag to tatter and tear. However we pay attention to our products and the way that we produce them, we are working with solvent ink UV using Dye sublimation technique.

Q: Can custom-made flags, banners, and other imprinted products be returned?
A: Non-stock (made to order) products are, any Custom-made flags, banners, pennants, and/or any item with a custom logo or imprint, Non-stock (made to order) and Custom-Made products are 100% non-refundable. If there is a manufacturers defect, we will review product(s) once the authorized returned merchandise is received to determine the nature of the situation.

Q About the turnaround, how long takes the process and when I could get my product delivered?
A: Typically our production and shipping time-frame takes 5 or 6 business days depending where are you located.  Alaska, Puerto Rico and Virgin Island has different turnaround that might reach 10 business days.